Welcome to KulturON.pl

Welcome to KulturON!

A place where Polish culture thrives and inspires. We are a community of artists, creators, and culture enthusiasts who believe that every spark of creativity has the power to connect people – both within Poland and expatriates beyond its borders.

Our mission can be summed up in three C’s: Creation, Collaboration, and Conversation. We aim to make KulturON a home where every voice is heard, and where innovation dances in harmony with tradition. Here, artistic freedom finds its starting point, and projects find supportive space to spread across the globe.

Are you looking for a partner for a cultural project? Want to showcase your art? Or are you a part of an institution eager to leave your mark in the world of culture? With us, you'll find the space to develop your ideas and achieve your goals. KulturON is your atelier, stage, and forum – directed at Poland and the entire world.

Join our community to jointly create and nurture our culture, which deserves to be seen wherever its admirers are found. Let's increase the strength of Polish creativity together, open new horizons, and invite the world into our unique cultural universe.

Join us